Easter Creche (5-Piece Set)

Easter Creche
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Five piece hand-painted display of the First Easter reproduced from original sculptures by artist Chris Smith. Set includes figures of the Resurrected Christ, Mary, Angel, Garden Tomb and movable stone.The tomb is a hollow-cavity, artistic reproduction inspired by the actual garden tomb in Jerusalem. Its size is designed to allow the 5” Christ figurine to be placed inside the tomb. The separate freestanding stone can be moved to cover the tomb entrance for a fun and interactive experience as you use your Easter Crèche to re-enact and teach your family the Easter story.

Child friendly, non-toxic & non-breakable

  • 5” Scale
  • Christ figure: 5”tall
  • Mary figure: 3” tall
  • Angel figure: 5” tall
  • Garden Tomb: 9 ½”w x 8”h x 5”d
  • Stone: 5.75” diameter